The People's Secretary: Fighting Corruption in the People's Party

The People's Secretary: Fighting Corruption in the People's Party

About the book:
The principle of serving the people resonates with one of the main problems China is facing today: that of official corruption. This book is a testament to the efforts of one model Chinese official, Liang Yurun, to address corruption in one particular county of northeast China, Xiaxian County in Shanxi province. The book narrates case after case in which the common people had been victimized by corrupt officials, transforming what were initially fairly simple problems, which should have had simple solutions, into strange, menacing and often haunting situations, involving unbelievable suffering. How Liang Yurun met these challenges and solved these perplexing cases is the subject of this book. It offers a unique window on the problems faced by China today and how they are being solved, as well as the ideals of the Chinese Communist Party and the resilience, heroism and warmth of the Chinese people.


Chapter 1 The Echoing Walls Inside the Earthen Cave
Chapter 2 Trampled "Straw Hats" Regain their Self-Esteem
Chapter 3 How can the People's Essential Needs be Ignored?
Chapter 4 The Valiant Struggle for Authenticity
Chapter 5 Judging Others as Oneself to Achieve Authenticity
Chapter 6 A Broken Heart Needs Merciful Rain

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