Zhao Yu, National First-class Writer, member of Chinese Writers’ Association, Vice President of Chinese Reportage Association.

Huang Chuanhui, National First-class Writer,awarded with Zhuang Chongwen Literary Award, Xu Chi Reportage Award, National Books Award, the 5th“The Best Works”Award by Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee.

Yang Liguang, member of Chinese Writers’ Association, senior reporter, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Shenzhen Press Group and Shenzhen Special Zone Daily.

Yuan Houchun, National First-class Writer, former Vice President of PLA Art Academy, Vice President of Chinese.

Du Wenjuan is studied as a key member of Shaanxi women writers and young writers, and is one of the first contract writer with Shaanxi Literature Academy.

Dang Yimin, member of Chinese Writers’ Association, member of Chinese Reportage Association.

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