China State Grid:The People Behind the Power

China State Grid:The People Behind the Power

About the book:
Many of us regard electricity as a basic necessity, while few of us know or even wonder how this seemingly magical current arrives in our houses. Fewer still think about the people behind the scenes, those who work day in and day out to ensure our electric needs are met. The stories in this book are those of unsung heroes, whose personal sacrifices ensured the dawn of a strong and smart Chinese electric network. Their tireless thirst for innovation is shown through their dedication to the cause.


Volume of Metal
Chapter 1 Qinghai and Tibet under My Feet
Chapter 2 National Height
Chapter 3 The Strong & Smart Grid

Volume of Wood
Chapter 4 Lonely Dance
Chapter 5 Silent Heroes

Volume of Water
Chapter 6 Flexible Tidal Wave
Chapter 7 The National Grid-Solid as a Rock

Volume of Fire
Chapter 8 China's Creativity
Chapter 9 The Day After Tomorrow
(Northeast China Version)
Chapter 10 After the Ice and Snow

Volume of Earth
Chapter 11 Extraordinary Ordinary People
Chapter 12 Frontier Zone

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