Roads of Renewal: A Tibetan Journey

Roads of Renewal: A Tibetan Journey

About the book:
Roads of Renewal records the struggles, triumph and hardship shared by Chinese soldiers during the construction of the major highways through Tibet. The author, Dang Yimin, wants to present the book as a gift to those heroic armed detachments who paid and continue to pay, a great price to ensure the highways run unblocked; and to dedicate it to his beloved comrades who now sleep beneath the snowy mountain.
In Tibet, every kilometer that you walk may recall to mind the youthful and lofty spirit of China's road-builders...

Part I The Plundering of the The Road To Heaven
Chapter 1 The Historical Background
Chapter 2 Fragments of Memory
Chapter 3 The White Disaster
Chapter 4 The Great Landslide at Yigong
Chapter 5 Nuba, Nuba

Part II The Fight Towards Ali
Chapter 1 The First Sortie into the Unknown Territory
Chapter 2 The Men and Vehicles Walk a Thousand Kilometers
Chapter 3 Saving Private Ryan

Part III Passing Through Heaven
Chapter 1 Fixing One's Attention on "Zero Kilometers"
Chapter 2 Crossing the Froze Daban
Chapter 3 Watering the Horses at the Shiquan River
Chapter 4 Threading Through the Unknown Territory
Chapter 5 Looking Upon the Potala
Chapter 6 Coming Face to Face with the Sejila
Chapter 7 Crossing the Purlung Chasm
Chapter 8 Detained in Zhamu
Chapter 9 Leaving Xiangbala

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