He Jianming, Vice President of Chinese Writers’ Association, President and Editorin- Chief of The Writers’ Publishing House, Vice President of Chinese Reportage Association.

Xu Jian, National First-class Writer, awarded with PLA Literature Award, the 5th “The Best Works” Award by Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, the 1st Lu Xun Literature Award, the 11th China Book Award.

Zhang Yawen, Vice Chairman of Writers Association of Heilongjiang Province,recipient of special government allowances of the State Council, awarded the 5th Lu Xun Literature Award.

Xiao Yinong, Vice Chairman of Writers Association of Inner Mongolia, published over 3 million words including novels, novellas, short stories, prose and reportage.

Ye Mei, a female writer of Tujia ethnic nationality,is currently a member of the presidium of China Writers’Association. To date, she has published novels, novellas,and prose that,amongst many others, include The Melancholy Dragon Boat River, The Moth in May, My Xilankapu, River Threading through Lameng.

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