Founded in 2016, the Oriental Knowledge Publishing Company is a publishing company accredited and approved by the Tunisian Ministry of Culture in Tunis. Oriental Knowledge Publishing Company ranks first in Tunisia and Maghreb in the translation and publication of books in Hana Ahan. Its publication covers cultural, historical, educational, economic, social, and international relations. Oriental Knowledge Publishing Company pays attention to the translation and publication of Chinese and Arabic books, and aims to spread Chinese culture, history and thought throughout the Arab world. Oriental Knowledge Publishing Company is the only company in Tunisia and Maghreb that specializes in the translation and publication of Chinese and Arabic books. Oriental Knowledge Publishing Company participated in the 33rd Tunis International Book Fair.

Neptune Publications has been providing printing services for the top end companies for the past ten years along with its production company Printel Pvt Ltd. A leader in the corporate annual report printing sector, Printel understands its customers' business focus and contributes continuously to their success. Our attention to detail and commitment to on time delivery of high-quality products have rewarded us with regular and continued business from our satisfied customers. Neptune and Printel have a skilled workforce of 60 dedicated employees and high-capacity production lines. This strong base enable us to process rapid printing which runs in a full range of formats. As a world-class quality printer, our mission is to provide the customers with the highest-quality and best-value products, by making use of our state-of-the-art technology, innovative processes and extensive equipment. We also strive to remain a responsible employer and a corporate citizen contributing to environmental protection and the well-being of the society. We provide a one-stop-shop professional service, managing every aspect of the production cycle from design and pre-press to printing as well as a full range of binding and finishing. We listen to our customers' needs and proactively offer far-reaching and innovative solutions. We deploy sophisticated techniques to bring out the best possible results with least wastage. Quality will never be sacrificed even at the tightest schedules.

Kossuth Publishing Group is one of the leading players on book and audiobook market of Hungary. Based in Budapest, with its legal predecessor founded in 1944, the company has been a key figure of Hungarian publishing industry for the last 70 years, and ever since has maintained its presence and renowned status on the non-fiction market. We are proud to announce that our Publishing House won the HUNGARIAN PUBLISHER OF THE YEAR 2012 and 2014 beside several prestigious awards and diplomas in previous years. The company operates three own bookstores in Budapest and a book club. Annually we publish about 250 titles, two-third of them being in-house developments, the rest being licensed for translation. With reprints, gross product value totals in about 3,5 billion Forints (13 million Euros). Besides its own bookshops and an online store, the company is partnered with all major book distributors in Hungary

PRAKASHAN SANSTHAN is a leading publisher of different books on social science, History, Political Science, Literature & Linguistics, children books in Hindi language. It was established in 1978 with a vision to publish progressive literature and spread it’s throughout the country not only in metropolitan cities but also in village and remote parts of country. We publish around 70-100 books every years. In order to strengthen the cultural ties between India and China Prakashan Sansthan has undertaken an ambitious plan to publish significant Chinese books in to Hindi. Under this plan we have published 15 books so far and same numbers are in process. Now our aim is to publish from the world classics into Hindi. We have also published Translation from Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and English, into Hindi. We have a wide distribution network throughout India. We distribute books to almost every government agencies, universities and educational institutions. In addition to the traditional way of selling, we also take online sales to promote the books, all Chinese books we have translated and published can be purchased & viewed at Amazon and Flipkart online stores in India. We also participate in various government educational programs. We work closely with litterateurs, academia, reviewers and distributors of repute to develop, print and disseminate reader friendly narratives.

LID Publishing,with offices in London and New York, is a publishing and communications organization that works with authors and companies to communicate ideas and thinking to the wider business community through different mediums including journals, books, e-books, apps, e-learning and its international speakers’ bureau. LID Publishing is part of the LID Group, which specializes in the field of business and offers publication in English and Spanish, with further offices in China, Argentina, Mexico, Spain and Colombia. LID Publishing specializes in working with business authors and organizations to help them develop content to promote their brand, message and expertise. Founded in 1993, LID has over 1,700 authors and continues to add approximately 120 new titles each year, around one-third in English and the rest in Spanish and other languages. LID also publishes academic and professional journals like Dialogue. LID books have been translated into over a dozen languages and distributed worldwide. LID employs 60 people in nine offices in seven countries: United States, United Kingdom, China, Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina. It ranks number one in the world in business history and business dictionaries and is the leading publisher of business books in the Spanish-speaking countries. LID is a founding member of Business Publishers Roundtable.


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